THE LIBRARY- The Restaurant of AIHM

This place of AIHM has been serving as Library of Agrawal PG College since 1957, therefore this beautiful place still hold the peaceful essence of library.

KATLA- The Lobby of AIHM

This place was known as Katla & bought by Agrawal Community to build the education epicenter for serving all the societies. It was renamed and became famous as Agrasen Katla.

BAR 1918- The Mock Bar of AIHM

The Mock Bar is named as Bar 1918 as Shri Agrawal Shiksha Samiti laid down a milestone of education in 1918. It represents the rich history of education & gigantic contribution for education system.

MAHARAJ- The Kitchen of AIHM

The training Kitchen is named as Maharaj as it was the community used to pay respect to the chef and the kitchen is considered as his empire in Indian Society.

AGROHA- The Mock Room of AIHM

The training Room named as Agroha, the renowned capital of Maharaj Agrasen. He is the totems f Agrawal Community and started one brick & one rupee campaign for entire society.

Institutions Managed by Shri Agrawal Shiksha Samiti

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