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Built-in the year 1957 situated in the heart of Jaipur city, the college building has an impressive view. Surrounded by the lush  green  ambiance, spacious  lawns and playgrounds, state of the art facilities, it stands testimony to the old era and promises  a bright future


THE LIBRARY- The Restaurant of AIHM

This place of AIHM has been serving as Library of Agrawal PG College since 1957, therefore this beautiful place still hold the peaceful essence of library.

KATLA- The Lobby of AIHM

This place was known as Katla & bought by Agrawal Community to build the education epicenter for serving all the societies. It was renamed and became famous as Agrasen Katla.

Sports complex

The college has a big sports complex and well-equipped gymnasium with modern machines offering the facilities of workout to the sportspersons, students and faculty members to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • ✔ Indoor Games
  • ✔ Chess
  • ✔ Carrom
  • ✔ Table Tennis


The College has a fully air-conditioned auditorium, ‘Maharaja Agrasen Auditorium’ with a seating capacity of about 800 students and has a very advanced light and sound system. It is used for various events, seminars, conferences, meetings, guest lectures, functions and celebrations.

Seating Capacity

The auditorium has a seating capacity of more than 800 visitors at a time. This capacity makes it a huge place to do any function / indoor event related to cultural, or academic activities. This is one of the biggest auditorium in the city.

Audio Visual

The auditorium is well equipped with modern day audio-visual equipment for presentation and broadcasting purpose. Proper and clear communication to the last row of seating could be a big challenge, for such a huge auditorium. But with the help of all ultra modern machines and attachments, we are able to maintain best quality experience over the time.



The library, with a rich collection of nearly 1 lakh books, journals and magazines, has a good reading ambience and is completely digitalized. It is computerized and user friendly with IFW Edutech software. The library offers 93 national and international journals/magazines. The journals can be accessed online. The library is the member of N-LIST Project entitled “National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Contents.

Conference Hall

Agrawal PG College has a fully air conditioned conference hall, with a seating capacity of approx. 200 person and has a very nice light and sound system. It is used for small events, seminars, conferences, meetings, guest lecturers, functions and celebrations.

BAR 1918- The Mock Bar of AIHM

The Mock Bar is named as Bar 1918 as Shri Agrawal Shiksha Samiti laid down a milestone of education in 1918. It represents the rich history of education & gigantic contribution for education system.

MAHARAJ- The Kitchen of AIHM

The training Kitchen is named as Maharaj as it was the community used to pay respect to the chef and the kitchen is considered as his empire in Indian Society.

AGROHA- The Mock Room of AIHM

The training Room named as Agroha, the renowned capital of Maharaj Agrasen. He is the totems f Agrawal Community and started one brick & one rupee campaign for entire society.

Swimming pool

Agrawal college is well equipped with pool keeping in mind the level and competency of students. Swimming is an important skill and can encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. … Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres. Use a range of strokes effectively. Swimming is an individual or team racing sport that requires the use of one’s entire body to move through water. The sport takes place in pools or open water swimming each stroke requires a set of specific techniques; in competition, there are distinct regulations concerning the acceptable form for each individual stroke.


Cafeteria is the most popular place for the college students for chill-out. It provides meals, snacks, cold drinks, tea, coffee, etc. at reasonable rates.

Institutions Managed by Shri Agrawal Shiksha Samiti

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