Which Degree Do you Need for Hotel Management?

BHM or Bachelor of Hotel Management is a bachelor’s degree program in the hospitality and travel field. This course is usually of three years duration. Candidates who have cleared their Class 12 from any stream (Humanities, Commerce, or Science) are eligible to pursue this course. Agarwal Institute of Hotel Management (AIHM) is the best hotel management college in Jaipur. They offer all such courses through which you can easily enroll yourself in Hotel Management courses. AIHM Jaipur is the top leading college in Rajasthan with a dual degree affiliation from RISU.

Apart from degree courses aspirants can also pursue certificate and diploma programs in Hotel/ Hospitality Management. These include Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Diploma in Hospitality Management, Diploma in Housekeeping, Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management, and Certificate course in Maritime Catering, Certificate course in Hotel and Hospitality Management.

. An undergraduate degree in hospitality business education is the best preparation for hotel management. In addition to the general college curriculum, you’ll take courses in service management, food management, hospitality accounting, human resources, and facilities maintenance. Electives provide an opportunity to specialize in areas like marketing, food service operations, the casino industry, event planning, and club operations. This four-year program culminates with an internship in a hotel to provide practical application of classroom learning. A hospitality business degree provides a solid background in leadership and all facets of hotel operations.

If you’re already working in a hotel and would like to be considered for a management position, a hospitality management certificate program may be a convenient choice. Many certificate programs are offered online to allow working students to maximize their time. Spanning three months, a hospitality management certificate covers topics like finance, revenue management, customer service, marketing, and teamwork.

Educational Qualification:-

The most important thing is you must have passed 10+2 with more than 45–50℅.


Free from any skin disease.

Ability to work in a moderately hot environment for a longer duration (for kitchen).

Ability to lift heavyweight in quantity food production kitchen.

Everyone will advise you to join AIHM stands for Agarwal Institute of Hotel Management.


AIHM is a private college. In my opinion, they are overrated by students and industry. I have spoken to many students from AIHM – Jaipur and found out that this college is the best. This is my personal opinion

Now read this carefully before joining any institute makes sure you are really interested in this field.

I think this is the toughest industry to work in. Long shifts and low salaries make it worse. Many people quit. If you are not interested in work you will also quit. Many people quit the course even before their industrial training, and some quit after training. This industry is not for people who don’t have a vision for the future.


This is the reality of the glamorous industry. It is not at all glamorous if you ask someone who is already working in the industry.


At the beginning of the course, everyone wants to become a chef, bartender, or want to work on cruise ship, but only 25% of the people who wanted to become a chef end up taking Food Production as a specialization. The AIHM JAIPUR’S Hospitality offers you a 4-year bachelor’s course in hotel management in Jaipur. The AIHM name is synonymous with quality, which is reflected in the par excellence infrastructure and exposure and student quality. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the university ranks highest in terms of on-campus placements. Nobody except AIHM Jaipur in the entire Jaipur hotel management college circuit houses an industry integrated study pattern and curricula. While also leaving sufficient space for a student to foster and develop all-around social skills through sports, debates, and other extra-curricular activities.