Career In Hospitality & Hotel Management Industry

Hospitality Industry is an Umbrella like Industry where there is never ending job opportunities in variety of organisations may it be related to Hotel or not. It’s is quite evident and obvious that a student can indeed go for Hotels after Hospitality & Hotel Management Degree but there is no confinement when it comes to scope in this industry.

Students have a plethora of options in both Private and Government Jobs and students from Hospitality Industry undergoes various trainings that make them capable of initiating entrepreneurial practices.

Also the Tourism and Hospitality go hand in hand because of which there is a presence of many sub sectors that are open to hospitality management graduates. The list given below shows the closely related hospitality and tourism industry sectors:

I look forward to welcoming you to join and contribute to our journey towards exploring new frontiers in the field of education.
Mr. Vikas Agrawal [College Secretary]

Hospitality has settled it's root deep down for ages. It is within the ethical foreground and is acquired over time. The foundation of Modern Hospitality is indeed Ancient Hospitality and the practices incorporated and hence, it is important to impart and inculcate a blend of moral values, ethics, traditional practices along with knowledge, dynamically changing methods, technology and skills. We at AIHM, Jaipur focus upon balanced transmission of these aspects, which will further lead to development of excellent & exceptional hotel personnels . Moreover, our strategy pivots along overall personality development which will help our students in dwelling their space within the industry and drive forward directionally.

Dr. Pradyuman Singh Rathore Officiating Principal

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